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About Us

Cascade specializes in a variety of oilfield services including engineering, excavation, oilfield construction, maintenance, pipelines, welding and more! We are well versed in all aspects of oilfield service work, both in drilling and within the production side of the industry, and will operate as a one-stop shop for your next project while providing the highest quality of service with our expertly trained personnel.

The integration of Cascade, C-MOR, and Titan Casing has created a full-service operation leading the industry in a broad range of services at lower costs and superior quality. Together these companies offer oilfield construction, welding, casing, pick up and laydown services, clean and drift, CRT, equipment rental, revolutionary lighting solutions, logistics, equipment hauling and more.

C-MOR Energy and Cascade Services Safety Program

C-MOR Energy and Cascade Services are proud of our safety program and the success we have had in preventing injuries.  We integrate safe practices into our normal work routine and we instill in employees the awareness that each crew member is personally responsible to actively assess the hazards of the job and then share this awareness with all crew members.  The result: Jobs are completed without injury and at a productive pace. C-MOR/Cascade employees understand that by working safety and productively they are providing the best service to our customers and ultimately to themselves and their families. 

C-MOR/Cascade is a member of ISN and has a complete safety manual that addresses the full complement of written safety programs typically required by the major oil and gas operators including applicable OSHA compliance considerations.